Parenting TIme COVID

Based on the Governor’s stay-at-home order issued on March 20, 2020 by Dr. Amy Action

  • Section 14.e. specifies that parents should continue to exchange their child(ren) as required by their parenting plans or custody orders as this has been designated as “Essential Travel”
  • With respect to parenting time issues and the state-ordered school closures, parents who have shared parenting plans or custody orders should continue to follow those orders.
  • Parties should adhere to all holiday and spring break schedules as designated by their schools at the beginning of the school year regardless of recent changes. They should follow the regular parenting schedule during all other times unless their order specifically address school closures
  • Parents should communicate about the location, health, and welfare of the children and should discuss travel plans and arrangements as required by their parenting plans or custody orders.
  • Please review these Seven Tips to Shared Parenting during Stay-At-Home orders:

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