Court Costs

Juvenile Court Costs

To be paid on the Fourth Floor of the Court House

Pay Costs

Deposits (for Privately Filed Cases)
Parentage Allocation of Parental Rights & Responsibilities or Parenting Time Cases $200.00
Delinquency or Unruly Cases filed by a parent, guardian or other $100.00
Abuse Dependent Neglect $100.00
Service by Publication $100.00
Court Evaluation $100.00
CASA Appointment $150.00
GAL Appointment $1000.00
Motion to re-open a case $150.00
Motion with consent Judgment Entry $50.00
Intent to Relocate $25.00
Motion & Judgment Entry for Mediation (re-opening a case) $50.00
Filing of an Appeal $150.00
Delinquency/Unruly Costs
Adult Court Costs $89.00
Felony Court Costs $120.00
Other Cases Court Cost $40.00
Regular Court Costs
Unruly Court Costs $60.00
Tobacco Court Costs $40.00
Traffic Costs
Non-Moving Violation Costs $45.00
Traffic Moving Violation
Out of State Traffic Costs $25.00
Seat Belt Fine (Driver) $30.00
Seat Belt Fine (Passenger) $20.00
Other Costs
Motion $3.00
Signed Journal Entry $1.00
Costs for Service Agency designated charges
Certified Mail Cost based on size of envelope
Drug Screens $5.00
Application for Expungement $12.00

Domestic Relations Court Costs

To be paid on the Third Floor of the Court House

Divorce or Dissolution with Children $350.00
Divorce or Dissolution without Children $223.00
Motion to re-open a case:
· With children and those requiring a hearing $150.00
· With consent judgment entry (plus $2.00 per page for journalizing $35.00
Request for home investigation 150.00
Foreign sheriff fee (per service) $25.00
Certificate of judgment from another court (to make & file) $37.00


Certificate of judgment from this court (to make & file) $35.00
Certificate of judgment (to make for filing in other court) $8.00
Fax (plus $1.00 per page) $2.00
Bloodwork for paternity $250.00
Journal Per Page $3.00
Certification $2.00
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