Henry County Family Court

The Courts of Common Pleas in Ohio have four divisions; general, domestic relations, juvenile, and probate. Traditionally, Henry County has had one judge overseeing all four divisions, while most other counties have had two or more judges in their common pleas courts. Commencing January 1, 2005, the divisions were separated into general-probate and domestic relations-juvenile. This has resulted in two Common Pleas Judges, one for each of the newly defined divisions of the court. Since 2005 Judge Denise McColley has presided over the Family court.


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Domestic Relations Cases

Juvenile Cases

Annulment, legal separation, divorce and dissolution of marriage proceedings, post legal separation, UIFSA (Uniform Interstate Family Support Act) proceedings, civil domestic violence proceedings, conciliation proceedings

Delinquency proceedings, unruly child proceedings, juvenile traffic offender proceedings, juvenile tobacco offender proceedings, abuse, neglect and/or dependency proceedings, proceedings against adults for contributing to the delinquency or unruliness of a child or for failure to send a child to school, parentage, allocation of parental rights & responsibility & child support proceedings for those parents who have not been married to one another.