Juvenile Court Costs

To be paid on the Fourth Floor of the Court House

Costs & Filing Fees

Domestic Relations Court Costs

To be paid on the Third Floor of the Court House

Henry County Family Court


Divorce or Dissolution with Children


Divorce or Dissolution without Children


Motion to re-open a case:


· With children and those requiring a hearing


· With consent judgment entry (plus $2.00 per page for journalizing


Request for home investigation


Foreign sheriff fee (per service)


Certificate of judgment from another court (to make & file)



Certificate of judgment from this court (to make & file)


Certificate of judgment (to make for filing in other court)


Fax (plus $1.00 per page)


Bloodwork for paternity


Journal Per Page




Deposits (for Privately Filed Cases)

Parentage Allocation of Parental Rights & Responsibilities or Parenting Time Cases


Delinquency or Unruly Cases filed by a parent, guardian or other


Abuse Dependent Neglect


Service by Publication


Court Evaluation


CASA Appointment


GAL Appointment


Motion to re-open a case


Motion with consent Judgment Entry


Intent to Relocate


Motion & Judgment Entry for Mediation (re-opening a case)


Filing of an Appeal


Delinquency/Unruly Costs

Adult Court Costs


Felony Court Costs


Other Cases Court Cost


Regular Court Costs


Unruly Court Costs


Tobacco Court Costs


Traffic Costs

Non-Moving Violation Costs


Traffic Moving Violation


Out of State Traffic Costs


Seat Belt Fine (Driver)


Seat Belt Fine (Passenger)


Other Costs





Signed Journal Entry


Costs for Service

Agency designated charges

Certified Mail

Cost based on size of envelope

Drug Screens


Application for Expungement