Questions about Divorce

Henry County Family Court

Can I file for divorce in Ohio if I live in another state?

Only Ohio residents may file for divorce in Ohio.

Where do I report for my uncontested divorce or my dissolution hearing?

Report to the Henry County Courthouse, one-half hour before the scheduled time.  The Family Court is located on the fourth floor.  Check in with Family Court Staff and make sure that all necessary documents and forms are complete.

· If you have minor children but do not have shared parenting, your Judgment Entry must name a residential parent and legal custodian and must include a parenting time schedule for the non-residential parent.  It must also include provisions for child support and medical support, and all language necessary for administration of the order by the Henry County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA).

· If you have minor children and do have a shared parenting plan, your Judgment Entry must contain provisions for child support and medical support, and all language necessary for administration of the order by the CSEA.

· If you do not have minor children but there is to be a spousal support order paid through the CSEA, your Judgment Entry must contain all language necessary for administration of the order by the CSEA.

If your documents are not properly written or if you are missing needed forms, you will be given an opportunity to make corrections.  It is your responsibility to have the paperwork completed properly. 

What is a temporary restraining order?


A temporary restraining order is a court order made upon request of a party that prohibits another party from doing certain acts.  Court orders forbidding the dissipation of assets and harassment are common in domestic relations proceedings.  These orders stay in effect only until a final judgment.  Please refer to Local Rule 24 and Guidelines for Granting Temporary Restraining Orders on this website.

What documents do I need to bring for my dissolution or uncontested divorce hearing?

You will need the following:

· Judgment Entry for Divorce/Dissolution

· Signed Separation Agreement or In-Court Agreement (if you have one)

 If you have children you will also need:

· Private Health Insurance Questionnaire

· Child Support Computation Worksheet

· Parent Education Seminar certificate (if not already filed)

·  Parenting Proceeding Affidavit (if not already filed)

· Shared Parenting Plan (if you have one)

You must also bring verification of your income.  The Judge or magistrate may also ask you questions about aspects of your judgment entry or agreement for which you may need documentation.

What are QDROs and DOPOs??

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is a special order that directs how pension plans are to be divided.  QDROs are governed by Federal law and are subject to the approval of the pension plan administrator.  Because QDROs are complicated you are encouraged to contact an attorney if you have a pension plan that must be divided.

Will the Court send me a copy of my final papers?

The Court will not send you a copy of the final divorce papers unless you request in writing that a copy be sent to you. Fees must be paid in advance. 

How can I get a certified copy of my divorce/dissolution/legal separation/annulment Judgment Entry?

Certified copies of your Judgment Entry may be obtained through the Clerk of Court located on the third floor of the Henry County Courthouse, 660 N. Perry St, Napoleon, Ohio 43545.Certified copies cost $1.00 per page.