Information about Probation

Probation is a legal status created in the Ohio Revised Code and ordered by the Court, which permits a juvenile to remain in the community under the supervision and guidance of a Probation Officer.

Probation Officers are responsible for supervising youth that are placed on probation by the Court and monitoring the youth’s compliance with Court orders. Supervision is provided through home visits, school visits, and office visits. Officers also visit youth who are placed outside the home in foster care, residential placements, or incarcerated a Detention Center. Probation Officers maintain regular contact with parents, school personnel, and service providers. Probation Officers attend IEP and other school meetings, case plan and semi-annual review meetings with the Henry County Department of Job and Family Services as well as Wraparound and Service Coordination Meetings.

A Probation Officer attends each scheduled Court hearing regarding a youth. They are responsible for providing the Court with recommendations regarding disposition as well as progress made by the youth. At the request of the Court, a pre-dispositional report will be completed by interviewing the parents, youth, school personnel, and other service providers. All three Probation Officers are certified in the Ohio Youth Assessment which was developed by the University of Cincinnati. This assessment determines the youth’s risk level, areas needing treatment, and also measures progress. The assessment is complete on each youth placed on probation and can also be used as a pre-dispositional tool.

All probationers are subject to random drug screens. A positive rapid drug screen completed in the office is confirmed by laboratory analysis. Probation Officers may take a variety of actions as a result of a positive drug screen including referral for treatment or a probation violation being filed with the Court.

The Probation Department provides an on-call officer, available 24 hours a day, for law enforcement to contact when severe juvenile related matters occur. A Probation Officer can authorize a youth’s incarceration at the Northwest Ohio Juvenile Detention Center or assist in determining an alternative placement pending a Court hearing.

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