There are some youth in Henry County who require placement outside of their home either in a secure or non-secure facility. The decision to remove a child from his home is never taken lightly and is used as a last resort when community based services have been exhausted. Minors may be taken into custody for various reasons. For example, the maybe be taken into custody because:

· They are accused of committing offenses that would be crimes if committed by adults;

· A juvenile court orders them to appear and they fail to do so;

· They are suffering from illness or injury and are not receiving proper care; or

· They are in immediate danger from their surroundings



Ohio Department of Youth Services

The Ohio Department of Youth Services is the state correctional system for juvenile offenders ages 10-18 who commit felony level offense. The commitments range from a minimum period of 6 months to a maximum period of the youth’s 21st birthday. The Department provides treatment and educational programming to meet each youth’s needs. A Parole Officer is assigned to the youth upon release to assist their transition from the institution back into the community. For more information on this facility or visitors information visit the DYS website.


Juvenile Residential Center of Northwest Ohio

The Juvenile Residential Center of Northwest Ohio located in Bowling Green, Ohio is a secure 42 bed treatment facility for male youth adjudicated of a felony offense. The Juvenile Residential Center is used as an alternative for youth who may have otherwise been placed at the Department of Youth Services. The facility offers numerous treatment options that is supported by research and practice. Individualized treatment is based upon a youth’s specific needs and families are included in counseling sessions. The close proximity of the facility makes family involvement realistic.


Northwest Ohio Juvenile Detention, Training and Rehabilitation Center

Located in eastern Williams County Ohio, the Northwest  Ohio Juvenile Detention, Training & Rehabilitation Center provides secure detention to juveniles within the jurisdictions of Defiance, Henry, Fulton and Williams counties. The Detention Center operates within a structured schedule of daily activities. A Phase Program is sued to help improve attitudes and behavior by giving the youth reasons to feel good about themselves and to learn to work tougher as a team. For more information on this facility or visitors information visit the JDC website.




Henry County Family Court