Questions about Traffic Violations

Henry County Family Court

What is a Juvenile traffic offender?

A juvenile traffic offender is a child who violates any traffic law or regulation of Ohio or any other state.

How long will a license be taken away?

Youth are subject to a mandatory minimum driver’s license suspension. The first moving violation before age 18: zero days to two years; second moving violation before age 18: three months to two years; third moving violation before age 19: one year to two years.

What should I know about Traffic Court?

 You should know:

· Right to an Attorney: You have the right to be represented by an attorney at any Court hearing. You may request a continuance to get an attorney. If you choose not to have an attorney today, your case will processed today.

· Entering a Plea: If you waive your right to have an attorney present, you will be asked to admit or deny the charge. A plea of No Contest is not authorized and therefore cannot be accepted.

· Denial: If you deny the charge, the case will be continued to another date for a trial. At that time, the prosecutor will present the evidence against you. You may bring and/or subpoena witnesses. The hearing will be conducted pursuant to the Rules of Evidence and Juvenile Procedure. The magistrate will decide if the charge has been proven, after hearing the evidence.

· Admission: If you admit the charge, you give up these rights:  the right to hear and question the witnesses against you; the right to remain silent; the right to present witnesses in your own behalf. If you admit the charge, you will be adjudicated a Juvenile Traffic Offender. This is similar to an adult being found guilty of a traffic offense.

· Consequences: If you are found to be a Juvenile Traffic Offender after a trial or after an admission, the Magistrate will determine the disposition for your violation. These dispositions, or consequences, are not the same as for adults.

Where do I go to pay my traffic ticket?

A juvenile and a parent or guardian must come to Court for a hearing. Juvenile traffic tickets cannot be paid out without a hearing. Once your case has been heard by the Magistrate, you can pay your fees at the Juvenile Clerks Office (Suite 401).


How do I get driving privileges if the Court or school initiated the suspension?

If the Court suspends your license and circumstances change, you can direct a written request to the Court for consideration of driving privileges.