Information about Traffic Violations

The Ohio Revised Code (2152.02(N)) defines a Juvenile Traffic Offender as:

any child who violates any traffic law, traffic ordinance, or traffic regulation of this state, the United States, or any political subdivision of this state, other than a resolution, ordinance, or regulation of a political subdivision of this state the violation of which is required to be handled by a parking violations bureau or a joint parking violations bureau pursuant to Chapter 4521. of the Revised Code


The Henry County Family Court handles all traffic cases involving persons who are under 18 years of age who are charged with offenses relating to the operation of motor vehicles, the use of state identification cards, and pedestrian safety. Initial appearances in Juvenile Traffic Court are processed by a court magistrate who hears these cases on Tuesday afternoons.


The Family Court possesses fairly broad discretion regarding dispositional alternatives for juvenile traffic offenders. Traditional sanctions range from the imposition of fines and costs to court imposed license suspensions of various types. Generally speaking, unlike adult court, in most cases, the Juvenile Court is not empowered with the authority to incarcerate traffic offenders.

Henry County Family Court